A painting of a salty sea dog adorns my bathroom wall, keeping me company while I shower. I stumbled upon him in an odd vintage shop on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake, a stone’s throw from the marina where we docked our boat.
For years, decades rather, we were sailors. One summer, we ventured from our safe haven in Maryland, all the way to Block Island, Rhode Island. This was bluewater, no anchoring, all-day/all-night sailing. Huge waves crashed over our bow. I thought we were going to die.
Once safe and sound on a mooring on Block Island, we rented a scooter and tooled about the island, enjoying freshly caught seafood on a whim. Each morning, we would hear, “Andiamo . . . andiamoooooo,” which meant an Aldo's Bakery boat was coming around to bring fresh pastries and hot coffee right to our boat.
The New England adventure continues with the artfully styled interiors of The J.M. Byron House. Every happy photo on their Instagram feed is painting-worthy. In the end, yellow forsythia against multiple shades of blue won me over. I paint room interiors that make me want to be there. This is most definitely one.
Many thanks to the The J.M. Byron House for allowing me to paint their living room. Their Instagram post
stated, "Forcing forsythia is a fun way to jumpstart spring in your house. Just remember to ask for permission before cutting down your neighbors’ forsythia hedges." #civicpruning 
"Yellow Forsythia in New England," 6x6-inches, oil on Museum Gessobord. One in a series of room interior oil paintings by Merrill Weber.  
Personal style is a journey - not a destination.  One that takes a lifetime.
Thank you for sharing my adventure.